oday's interview might cause you to rethink your approach to buying a business.

Mike Okhravi bought a very small, project-based business (epoxy coating).

So, "very small" and "project based" — not ideal.

And if that weren't enough, within a month Mike had acquired a second business.

This one a towing business, SDE of $300k — so, very small again, and 3 hours away from Mike.

Sounds like a lot to bite off, right? Especially as a first-timer.

The thing is, Mike knows all the search rules, the dos & don'ts.

He'd listened to the pods, networked with other searchers.

And he proceeded anyway, because he assessed the risks and found them acceptable.

He respects risk, he's not dismissive of it, and recognizes that he'll get bruised from time to time more than a conservative searcher would.

But he prefers action & gaining experience to looking at hundreds of CIMs before getting in the game.

See what you think about this approach.

(And by the way, it's going well so far.)

Here is Mike Okhravi, owner of an epoxy coating business and a towing business in south Florida.