organ McCauley had spent 6 years in New York, then 3 in San Francisco.

And he was itching to get back to his native South Florida.

Meanwhile, he was also itching for more impact & compensation in his work.

He was starting to desire more control over his own destiny than a career in W-2's would afford him.

So when he discovered search while living in San Francisco, it was a light bulb moment.

Buying a business in South Florida would give him the extreme ownership he desired, in the place he desired.

Flash forward, and today Morgan owns Helios Home Health, a $3.5m home care business in Palm Beach County.

He bought it as a self-funded searcher, no investors.

But he considered a traditional search fund, a partnered search, and a self-funded search with investors.

So you'll hear how one entrepreneur chose from among all these different flavors.

We also spend time learning about home care and home health care, an industry with many opportunities to buy a business. You've probably seen listings on BizBuySell for agencies in this space.

And finally, listen toward the end, where we discuss small business growth. Morgan now understands why growing an SMB is a more nuanced proposition than you might think.

OK, please enjoy this conversation with Morgan McCauley, owner of Helios Home Health.