orli Desai had 2 young kids and was recently separated from her husband.

She was approaching 40, life's midpoint according to the thesis of a book she'd recently read.

And as the daughter of a small business owner, Morli had always nursed her own entrepreneurial dreams.

All of this, plus the timely urging of a friend, conspired to convince her that she needed to seize the moment.

Today, Morli is three months into the acquisition of a $4m ecommerce business.

You might say it's a dream come true…but let's not get carried away.

We all know that the real work begins only once you actually take ownership of the business you acquire. Morli is learning quickly what makes ecommerce, yes, attractive, but also punishing at times.

We cover many of the dynamics of a $4m ecommerce business, and how a lone acquisition entrepreneur acquires such a business with an SBA loan.

This is a hopeful story of someone who had had a traditional path but finally heeded the nagging itch to set out on her own.

Please enjoy my conversation with Morli Desai, owner of Amaira Natural Skincare 👇👇