ou might recognize the voice of today's guest.

Paul Quirk is a fellow podcaster in our niche of buying businesses.

Paul founded and hosts Buy and Build, which, very much like Acquiring Minds, interviews acquisition entrepreneurs and people in and around search.

Paul's geographic focus is Europe — he's based in Switzerland — so his pod is a wealth of stories of UK and continental searchers.

Well, Paul himself is now an accomplished searcher, and that's what we spend most of our time on today.

Paul Quirk at closing
Paul Quirk at the closing of Amber Home Improvments

He found a window & door installation business in the UK.

We of course get into what he liked about this particular business, what the acquisition looked like, how he financed it, and how the transition has gone.

One interesting wrinkle is that the business is in the UK, while Paul's family is in Switzerland, and he commutes. So consider this a tutorial on how — if pressed — you might make a remote acquisition work for you.

Enjoy this conversation with Paul Quirk, owner of Amber Home Improvements and host & founder of the podcast Buy and Build.