ow capex, like recurring revenue, is one of those boxes that searchers hope to check.

And like recurring revenue, this preference can be applied too crudely.

"Uh-oh, high capex?" says the searcher. "I'll pass."

Well, when Reid Tileston saw Giddings Hawkins, a liquid waste company, he did not dismiss it even though the vactor trucks the business relied on can cost $800,000 a pop.

Instead, Reid dug in to really understand these capital expenditures, and he ultimately got comfortable with and bought this high-capex business.

Today, rather than see these trucks as an unhappy cost center, Reid loves them.

"Money-making machines," he calls them affectionately.

...And he also got his CDL so he'd be able to actually drive them, as you can see:

Reid Tileston driving truck
Behind the wheel in a Giddings Hawkins truck

There's a lot more in this interview than capex, including Reid's exit (making him a millionaire), how he did right by the employees during that exit, and the book he's publishing about the whole experience, Grit It Done.

You can pre-order a copy of that for $0.99 at grititdone.com.

OK, here's Reid Tileston, former owner of Giddings Hawkins.