id I get your attention with that number in the headline?

As you'll hear, today's guest Sandy Paige is a humble guy, so I had to twist his arm a bit to be able to put that number all over the episode.

But it is such a staggering sum, how could I not?

This is the remarkable story of a guy who started a traditional search fund at age 48, and went on to deliver record-breaking IRR to his investors.

Now, even if you're not considering a traditional search fund — and most of you are not — there is a tremendous amount to learn from Sandy's experience.

My favorite takeaway is simply that Sandy didn't fit the mold, and that made raising money hard.

But he persisted, eventually got his search funded, and then hit a grand slam.

So this one is for all of us in our 40s, 50s, and beyond, without MBAs from Harvard or Stanford, and for whom our biggest wins are yet to come.

Please enjoy this conversation with Sandy Paige, former CEO of Explora BioLabs.