hawn Allard bought a cool business:

A pair of ice cream shops.

Now, before you dismiss that as the type of listing you'd quickly scroll past on BizBuySell, open your mind a bit.

Which is exactly what Shawn himself did.

One of the few types of businesses he did NOT want to buy was food & beverage.

And yet here he sits, 6 months later, owner of a popular local ice cream business.

Despite being small ($275k SDE), and in the food & beverage space, you'll hear me too getting excited by the upside in Shawn's business.

High local brand awareness, a loyal following, 2,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars, small footprint, and 25 to 30% margins.

And, seemingly huge potential to expand into markets across the US.

It's very early days of course; Shawn has only owned the business for a month.

But I still see his story as a good reminder to not be overly prescriptive in your search, and to evaluate every business from its own fundamentals.

Please enjoy this interview with Shawn Allard, owner of Novel.