any guests on Acquiring Minds are generalist searchers.

They have a broad sense of the characteristics they like, but they're "industry agnostic".

Then you have the thesis-driven searchers, those with a clear vision of the industry where they want to buy a business.

Exhibit A: today's guests Stephen Olmon and Collin Trimble.

Collin knew the alarm business.

This is the industry that installs & services a building's security & fire alarm system, then monitors the building remotely.

And Collin saw opportunity there: a fragmented market, high margins, recurring revenue, large exits for blue collar founders.

He got excited about buying a security & alarm business (even without knowing what entrepreneurship through acquisition was).

He pitched Stephen, who did know ETA and quickly got on board.

In today's interview you're going to hear the story of the platform acquisition of two entrepreneurs who intend to roll up a fragmented market in Texas.

After listening to Collin & Stephen, see if you agree that having a thesis about an industry is a powerful lever in conducting a quick & successful search and hitting the ground running once you close on the business.

Also, you're going to get a great primer on the alarm industry — which Collin & Stephen believe holds opportunity not just for them, but for you.

Here are Stephen Olmon and Collin Trimble, owners of Alarm Masters.