ne of the classic pitfalls when buying a business is:

Mistaking what is essentially a glorified job for the owner, for an actual business.

Case in point.

Today's guest Tato Corcoran bought a manufacturing business.

But one that the owner had optimized for his own comfortable lifestyle, to the detriment of everything else about the enterprise.

When Tato took the keys, the business:

  • was doing just $400,000 revenue
  • employed 3 people
  • hadn't maintained equipment
  • and hadn't raised prices in close to a decade

And oh by the way, Tato knows nothing about manufacturing.

For the first 4 months of her ownership, she cried on her kitchen floor — every day.

Tato Corcoran in front of Brandt Molded Marble building
Tato Corcoran & the business she bought

Well, 18 months later, and Tato has more than doubled revenue.

2023 closed with over $1m in sales.

There is a lot of detail in this episode; Tato shares everything. Let me call out a few to listen for:

  • How she used snail-mail campaigns to reach owners during her search
  • How the value of the business's real estate factored in to her risk analysis
  • How she cracked the code on hiring

Buckle up for this adventure with Tato Corcoran, owner of Brandt Molded Marble.