he tech industry.

So much to love about it. So much to....not love about it.

Today's guest Taylor Wallace spent a decade in the startup trenches, and, like 99.999% of his compatriots, did NOT become a billionaire.

By the time COVID hit, Taylor was over tech.

And now, he and a partner have acquired 2 doggy daycares in Tampa and have much more planned.

You're going to hear all about that in this interview.

Taylor Wallace at Paws 'n' Rec
Taylor Wallace at Paws 'n' Rec

And Taylor and I also spend quite a bit of time on how it feels to go from tech to small business.

They are such different animals.

Tech is sexy and promises riches — but for many, many people, is ultimately empty.

Meanwhile, owning a small business...

You already know that sexy, it ain't! But impactful, dynamic, and human it is.

Not to mention, a much more likely path to riches.

Such a fun conversation with Taylor Wallace of Paws 'n' Rec doggy daycares. Enjoy.