oldcos are hot.

The idea of buying and holding multiple businesses is an alluring one for many acquisition entrepreneurs, so it's always fun to speak with someone actually doing it.

Trevor Boehm is an operating partner at Saturn Five, which I hadn't heard of but has been quite active the last few years acquiring small businesses in Colorado and Texas.

They've got 15 acquisitions under their belts, everything from landscaping to nursery & garden centers to concrete & paving to white water rafting tourism.

Their history is also interesting. This is another set of entrepreneurs who moved away from tech and toward traditional small businesses.

Lots of important themes in my conversation with Trevor:

  • what makes a good owner-operator of a small business;
  • why "boring" businesses are anything but;
  • and advice to other entrepreneurs who want to build a holdco.

That and much, much more with Trevor Boehm of Saturn Five.


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