es, buying a business is difficult.

Yes, it's messy and you get beat up a bit.

But sometimes...sometimes, it goes smoothly.

Tyler O'Connor loves golf. On a whim, Tyler searched for golf-related businesses on BizBuySell.

Tyler O'Connor, owner of Bird Golf Academy
Tyler O'Connor, owner of Bird Golf Academy

Wouldn't you know it, a really interesting one came up.

A golf school with relationships with beautiful golf courses around the country, and old golf pros who provide the individualized instruction.

A good-sized business from a revenue perspective, and great margins to boot.

And Tyler bought it, and now owns it, and it's pretty great.

I'm really happy for Tyler. As you'll hear, he is a man of energy, and he was preparing for a 2-year search grind. So I have no doubt that Tyler would have been successful, even if things didn't end up breaking his way as they did.

It is a fun and hopeful story, and Tyler's a fantastic interview.

Here he is, Tyler O'Connor, owner of Bird Golf Academy: