ell that was fast… 200 episodes of Acquiring Minds!

I haven't been this excited, this invigorated about  where my career is in a very long time — maybe ever.

I just want you to know that if I haven't made it clear. I love this. I have loved creating & growing Acquiring Minds.

Tracking down entrepreneurs making big scary bets on themselves, bringing those stories to you, hearing back from you that you felt motivated by this episode or inspired by that guest.

It is so gratifying, so fun.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for providing me the scarcest resource of all, your attention.

You have been my motivation to get to 200 episodes.

So today's episode is in 2 parts.

The first is 7 things I've learned from these 200 episodes.

Now obviously I have learned countless things, so the way I chose these particular 7 was to identify themes that haven't otherwise gotten much or any attention. I wanted these to be fresh, maybe meta, kind of essential takeaways.

The second part is about yours truly.

As Acquiring Minds grows, I see more and more curiosity about the guy behind the mic, so I tell the story of Acquiring Minds' inception and I look ahead, including teasing some plans for 2024. So listen for that toward the end.

And let me say that I'm not sharing about myself just because I get asked the question a lot these days.

It's also in the spirit of reciprocity for the people I want to thank most deeply: my guests.

You all come up here on stage, subject yourself to an interrogation, get vulnerable about your journeys, your numbers, your hard-won lessons & tips & tricks.

You give a lot of yourself when you say yes to an Acquiring Minds interview, and needless to say, there is no Acquiring Minds without you.

Many of you guests have said to me: "I got so much value from this community when I was trying to buy a business. Now I want to do my part to help people behind me on their journeys. I'm going to come on and tell my story."

So, today, the least that I, Will, can do is share a bit about me.

OK, let's get into it...

And to those of you in the US, on this eve of my personal favorite holiday of the year, Happy Thanksgiving.