alk about turning crisis into opportunity.

Will Wright bought a big event rental business in December 2018.

$12m in revenue. 100 employees. One of the biggest such operations in Texas.

But we all know what happened 15 months later.

About the very first thing that Covid crippled was events.

Bookings at Will's business collapsed 90%.

Peerless Events & Tents team
Will Wright (bottom left) and the Peerless team

Well, three years later, and Will and his team had not only survived but doubled revenue. He exited the business to a strategic that fall — just a few months ago.

This is the story of how he grew an events rental business through Covid.

Listen for the moments where Will really felt the difference between having done a traditional search fund versus a self-funded search.

The incentives, the presence of investors, played a big role at inflection points along the way.

Please enjoy this conversation with Will Wright, former owner of Peerless Events & Tents.