f you look at the Acquiring Minds homepage, you'll see the photos of all my guests.

Scroll through the past few dozen episodes, and it becomes clear that many acquisition entrepreneurs fit a certain profile:

American white guys in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.

But today's guest Anne Ristic does not want people who don't fit that profile to be put off from buying a business.

Says Anne, buying a business is not just a young man's game — and she is exhibit A.

Anne is a woman. Canadian. And 60.

After a 35-year career as the co-managing partner of a prestigious law firm in Toronto, Anne realized that she still had a lot she wanted to do.

Something to channel her talents, years of experience, and energy into.

And buying a small business is what she chose.

Please enjoy hearing how Anne Ristic started a new chapter of her career by acquiring Agency Employment Services.