his is, word for word, a tweet that appeared in Chandler Reed's Twitter feed in January 2021:

Interesting opportunity for an entrepreneurial searcher/operator who has more hustle than capital and willing to move quickly on a deal here in Tampa...

Chandler was entrepreneurial.

He had more hustle than capital.

He already lived in Tampa.

And he jumped, sending the author of that tweet, Sam Rosati, a DM to raise his hand & say, "I'm interested."

This is the story of how one guy was presented with opportunity and seized it. Impressive too, that Chandler didn't even know what "search" or "entrepreneurship through acquisition" was before he dove in.

Only later did he learn that searching for & buying a small business is a thing.

In the last 2 or so years, Chandler has gotten an accelerated education in buying, operating, and growing a small business.

Two of his biggest takeaways that you should listen for are:

  1. Buying a project-based construction business, what that's like, and would he do it again?
  2. The hazards of buying a business whose fortunes are tightly tied to interest rates.

Please enjoy this conversation with Chandler Reed, owner of Get Green NOI.