small vending machine hustle opened Connor Pera's eyes to the power of entrepreneurship.

It was just a taste, just a few hundred extra bucks a month.

But "it sort of broke my brain," says Connor.

"It made me realize that I don't need permission to go out and create and capture value. There's no gatekeeper determining whether or not you can go out and make a living. You can just go make things happen."

And make things happen he then did; Connor closed on a commercial printing business just a few months ago.

Also listen for how he approached the process of buying a business.

One thing we don't talk much about on the pod is how daunting this is, just learning the mechanics of doing a deal.

There is so much to learn, yes.

But one foot in front of the other, always continuing to take action, however small, can get you there.

And faster than you expect, as in Connor's case.

Here he is, Connor Pera, owner of The Print Authority.