e are getting this week's story of buying a business from multiple perspectives.

Today, we'll hear how Don Gourley acquired a 45-year-old business.

And on Thursday, you'll hear from the seller Peter Wild and the deal facilitator Carlos Laconi.

Boston Tree Preservation, the subject of this pair of interviews, helps home owners tend to the health of their trees & plants.

A veterinarian, but for your trees.

Don Gourley, today's guest, talks about what he liked so much about the business, where the potential is, and how he approaches leading an organization whose founder — Peter Wild, the seller — was regarded as an industry pioneer.

We also get into the mechanics of Don's search, which was constrained to the Boston area.

Valuable perspective here for those who don't want to have to move to buy a business (which I suspect is most of you).

Also listen for how Don arranged his interns.

He took what is a well-known playbook of having interns for your search, and refined it to ensure that all the interns got as much value as possible from the experience of working for him.

Even if you're not planning on using interns, Don's breakdown will show you how an experienced manager brings structure and value and scale to a team.

It's so fun & interesting to hear from both the buyer & seller of a business that sold, so make sure you tune in on Thursday as well for part 2 of this story with the seller.

Here is Don Gourley, the buyer & now-owner of Boston Tree Preservation: