oug Johns returns today.

Doug's first episode was a popular one.

In it, he recounted his pivot from corporate life to small business owner, having bought a Mr. Rooter franchise territory with close to $2m in EBITDA.

That interview was 16 months ago, and in today's interview Doug reflects on this pivot, and from a variety of angles:

  • What it's meant for his net worth
  • For his lifestyle
  • For his identity
  • And even for his marriage

I'm not sure I've yet done an interview that takes such a holistic view of the many ways this path of buying a business changes your life.

Doug was very generous in his transparency, and you will leave this episode with a vivid picture of the life of a one-time exec, now local plumbing business owner.

I enjoyed it so much. I hope you do too.

And if you're considering home services as a target industry to buy a business, make sure you listen to the end.

Doug shares why he loves home services — but also why it is way more competitive than it might appear from the outside.

Here is Doug Johns, owner of the Mr. Rooter franchise territory in Portland, OR.