here are many things about acquisition entrepreneurship that I love.

Here are just 3:

You can buy a business where the seller is tired or checked-out or otherwise resting on their laurels, and you can come in as new owner with all your vigor & vision, and in the happiest of cases, just GROW it like crazy.

Another thing I like:

The niche-y, funky, hiding-in-plain-sight nature of so many of these SMBs that you can buy.

And lastly:

How buying a business sets people on a whole new trajectory — one that is often more exciting, more fulfilling, and more financially rewarding than whatever they were doing before.

Today's guest Jason Cline embodies all 3 of these.

Jason Cline of Kauai Isle Flowers
Jason Cline, owner of Kauai Isle Flowers

Last year, at age 50, Jason, with wife Lynda by his side, stepped off the corporate path he'd been on for over 20 years to buy a flower distribution business in Florida.

I like distribution businesses, and I like flowers, so I was eager to sink my teeth into this one. Hopefully you're eager to hear it.

Here is Jason Cline, owner of Kauai Isle Flowers 👇👇