ana V. Music was a little music school outside Denver.

15 part-time teachers seeing 250 kids a week.

The business brought in $500k/yr in revenue.

So, small.

And today's guest Jeff Homer bought it — but not necessarily with grand ambitions.

A music school resonated with his own experience as a kid who took 10 years of piano lessons.

It was affordable enough that, even buying it in cash, downside was limited.

It seemed fun, low risk, and different than the cerebral spreadsheet-powered world of his professional life.

Well, he quickly found 2 two things as new owner:

1. He loved being at the school, and he wanted to spend more time there.
2. A few operational tweaks resulted in material, immediate improvements to the business.

A roll-up was born.

This is the story of an unlikely but spectacular acquisition spree that saw Jeff buy 39 more music schools across America over the next 4 years, then exit to private equity.

You're going to enjoy this.

Here's Jeff Homer, founder of Ensemble Performing Arts.