t's fair to say that a Twitter thread changed the course of Pawel Kosicki's life.

It was a thread that laid out the economics of buying small businesses.

Thinking it too good to be true, Pawel fired up BizBuySell to see if businesses in his native Toronto were really for sale at the low valuations described in the thread.

Well that started a journey that quickly took on a life of its own.

Today, Pawel is the owner of a smart home and home theater installation business in greater Toronto. It's a business that does over $2m in sales and high 6 figures in SDE. Negative cash conversion cycles. And it's stable and mature, but also ripe for new systems.

Seems like a great business for an engineer like Pawel to sink his teeth into.

Pawel Kosicki and Oakville Sight & Sound truck

His story reminds me of Tyler O'Connor's, aired a few weeks ago. Tyler bought the golf school.

Tyler and Pawel had heard that no one closes on their first LOI, so both expected a red flag to appear that would kill their deals.

And for both, the red flag never came. They trusted their sellers, they liked the businesses, and both did close on their very first LOIs.

It's really fun to hear how Pawel approached his acquisition, educating himself in real time as the deal momentum carried him forward.

It is also an inspiring example of how simply taking action can dramatically change your life for the better in a relatively short amount of time — 6 months, in Pawel's case.

Please enjoy the story of Pawel Kosicki and Oakville Sight & Sound: