re you like I was, that you don't think an art gallery could be a good business?

Well, prepare to be corrected.

When Sean Moore discovered acquisition through entrepreneurship, it was love at first sight.

He pivoted hard out of his corporate path to buy a 33-year-old art gallery in Denver.

Sean Moore at his Fascination St Gallery
Sean Moore at his gallery, Fascination Street

And this is a serious business.

It does over $4m a year in revenue and over $1m in SDE.

Those are solid numbers for any Acquiring Minds guest, let alone an art gallery of all things.

And the icing is, of course, that this is a passion business.

Sean is a collector of art himself, and he says at one point, "I'm surrounding myself in beautiful art every day."

By the way, Sean wasn't necessarily looking for a passion business. He'd looked at a generator rental business, a multifamily renovation business.

But he got lucky, saw the gallery, this "beacon of light" he calls it, ran after it — and boy am I excited for him.

Sean was very transparent in this episode. We go deep on the twists, turns, and terms of his acquisition, so for those of who like studying the anatomy of a deal, this one is for you.

We also talk about the gallery business itself, how it makes money, how it leverages the Internet & its physical location, growth levers, what the strategy is. I loved learning about it. What a neat business.

OK, please enjoy this conversation with Sean Moore, owner of Fascination St. Fine Art.