n today's episode, 2 previous guests make return appearances.

Happily for both guests, things in the businesses they bought are going well.

Shane Ehrsam bought a trailer dealership business with over $1m in SDE.

(See 6 Months to Buy a Business with $1m+ in EBITDA.)

Shane and I discuss, among other things:

  • How this has been the most professionally rewarding year of his life
  • What owning a dealership business is like
  • And (my favorite part) we get personal and open up about dealing with envy in this world of buying businesses & holdcos

Part 2 is with Brandon Adams, who bought an ice delivery business with a partner.

(See 6 Months in the Truck: Buying an Ice Delivery Biz.)

Brandon and his partner set out to build a small business holdco, and that vision looks close to becoming reality.

They've hired a general manager for their ice business, which we spend time on.

And that has enabled them to get a second business under LOI. If it closes, they would officially graduate to holdco status.

Please enjoy these conversations, the first with Shane Ehrsam, owner of North Texas Trailers, the second with Brandon Adams, owner of North Texas Trailers 👇👇👇