umana Sanjeeva bought an ecommerce business, then sold it one year later for over $5.5m, 5 times what she paid for it.

What an incredible return.

And if that weren't enough... Sumana was a novice.

She'd never even seen inside Amazon's Seller Central before taking the reins of her newly-acquired FBA business.

But as you'll hear, Sumana made a few wise, deliberate decisions that belied her inexperience in ecom and proved fundamental to her success.

Another element to Sumana's story:

She had owned 3 franchise locations before getting into ecommerce, so we delve into her thoughts on brick & mortar vs. ecommerce (a topic I chew on myself a lot).

And lastly, this is an immigrant success story.

Sumana and her husband arrived in the U.S. 25 years ago with 70 dollars between them.

From that, to acquiring & then selling a business for over 5 million dollars. Not bad!

Please enjoy my conversation with Sumana Sanjeeva: