oni Kononova bought an interesting business:

Ghostwriting & editing for people who want to self-publish a book.

Clients include authors who want to be the next J.K. Rowling, to older folks recording their lives in the form of a memoir, to convicted criminals in prison.

It was a fully-remote business and a relatively small one.

But Toni saw this as an opportunity to take the skills she's developed in Silicon Valley (she worked at Google when she bought the business) and make an underperforming business grow.

Buying small also meant less risk, which was attractive to Toni.

As you'll hear, this was NOT an all-in acquisition.

At $500k, it was certainly big enough to matter, but not so big that it would mean financial ruin if it didn't work out.

This is not the full-time searcher expecting to go full-time in their acquisition, and I think you'll appreciate hearing this different approach.

Enjoy my conversation with Toni Kononova of Write My Wrongs: