ou've heard me cover more stories lately about acquisition entrepreneurs buying franchise businesses.

In episode 93, I talked to Doug Johns about acquiring a Mr. Rooter franchise doing almost $2m in EBITDA.

In episode 98, I talked to James Temple about his journey buying and building 19 locations in the Mathnasium brand, and he's now at about $1m in EBITDA.

Well today's guest isn't an acquisition entrepreneur himself, but he has a deep expertise and network in the world of franchising.

His pseudonym, which is how I'll refer to him, is the Wolf of Franchises, or just Wolf.

You've probably seen him on Twitter.

I invited Wolf on Acquiring Minds to keep learning about the intersection of franchises and ETA, so, acquiring an existing business of a franchise brand instead of the more traditional path of acquiring an independent business.

And as you'll hear, his expertise is in full effect.

This conversation is a great primer for those of us still warming to the world of franchising.

Enjoy this interview with the one & only Wolf of Franchises. 👇👇👇

(And yes, since this is a pseudonymous interview, it's me & a talking box of fries!)