quare peg in a round hole.

This is how Fraser Voll had always felt professionally, until a friend told him about buying a business.

It was a lightbulb moment for Fraser, the same one that so many of my guests have when they first learn about acquisition entrepreneurship.

Flash forward, and Fraser is the new owner of a 50-year-old janitorial business in Niagara, Ontario, that does $2m in annual revenue.

Fraser Voll in front of RJS truck

Listen closely to the section where we discuss the earnout that he structured for his acquisition.

The business had 2 big risks — customer concentration & recent COVID growth — and Fraser was careful to structure his deal to mitigate them.

You're also going to learn about commercial cleaning businesses, which are a perennial favorite among searchers.

In an industry with notoriously tight margins, Fraser's business is doing $600k to $800k in SDE on its $2m in revenue. He explains how they're able to get these enviable 35% margins.

By the way, for 2 other great acquisition stories about commercial cleaning, see episode 72 with Chris Munn and episode 78 with James Maxwell.

OK, enjoy this awesome story of a dream fulfilled with Fraser Voll, the new owner of Regional Janitorial Services 👇👇👇


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