oday's guest was a senior director of marketing at a big company.

She was 45 with four kids, and paid very well.

But she looked up the corporate ladder and saw... more of the same.

More presentations, more meetings, more travel.

And she decided she didn't want that for the next chapter of her career.

The problem was that big salary. Or, said differently, golden handcuffs.

To unshackle herself, she'd need to find a solid replacement income.

Gretchen Roberts tells the story of how she did just that by buying a business.

And why it was accounting firms, of all things, that became her target. Not the most obvious choice for a marketer — although as you'll hear, Gretchen used the fact that she is not a CPA to her advantage.

After listening today, if you find yourself interested in accounting/bookkeeping/virtual CFO-type businesses, make sure to also listen to my interviews with Patrick Dichter & Chris Williams. Links to those in the show notes.

OK, please enjoy this conversation with Gretchen Roberts, owner of Red Bike Advisors.